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Long time no blog – well since moving to North America, no blog at all.
It’s been part time, part settling in, and the most significant of all – where the hell do you begin in a country as large and complex as North America?

I could just blog on Virginia, where I live, which would be almost the equivalent of blogging just on Belgium whilst living in Europe which is also close in both Population and size. What scuttles such a daft plan however is that unlike living in Belgium where you could, and many did, ignore the rest of Europe – that is rather an impossible feat to achieve when living in North America, unless of course you are hell bent on defending the second amendment in which case it is likely you are unaware there is even a world outside of the gun-cabinet.

So there my first shot across the boughs. Or perhaps my first foray into the freedom of speech and the right to say what you think and generally not appear to be accountable for it, or at least, and hopefully the case here – not have to ‘pay for it’.

Indeed looking ahead I see my biggest blog challenge as being how candid can I be, and just where or when is the line drawn. It has been fascinating to see the debate roll here with Piers Morgan courageously confronting the ludicrous nature of the current gun laws – or lack of them. How any sane person can defend the laws as they stand when the gun homicides in this country are at rates only comparable to genuine 3rd world and largely ‘lawless’ countries is beyond me.

However I am ahead of myself. Clearly this is an issue I wish to grapple with over the course of the blog and in order to give the blog some structure and not simply be a beat up on one thing or another I have decided I will broadly approach three topics.

I hope to offer some genuine insight and feeling for life here as an expat/ outsider/ alien and the mix of emotions that run through you in this Big Sky Country. I hope to be able to convey the charms of the people, the land and the history and all the beauty and raw edges they create. And lastly I hope to bring the perspective of a pacifist from a ‘pacifist’ country to the Military dependency in North America and my view of the mindset that creates and the intractable bind it has with the second amendment and the gun laws of this country.

I expect to be wrong, corrected, humbled, supported, thought crazy, occasionally spurned and hopefully along the way – occasionally be understood. Also I hope that for my own daughters it forms a statement of what I feel, my principles and observations in this world, my love of all people, my love of my country and my hope that the world they live in will be a better one in the way that the one I live in is a better one than my parents lived in.

I don’t expect to influence what happens in the world, but neither do I think it is my right to stand by and let everybody else take the blame while I say nothing.

I hope you find something in the blog of value to you, and if not, thankyou for taking the time to get this, or that, far, I genuinely appreciate your consideration.

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